Thumb up down voting buttonsHerein, I’ll give a lightning-quick refresher course for anyone about to embark on a blogger or Influencer outreach campaign. Here are some Dos and Don’ts to help you along your way. But above all, remember to be yourself.

Makes & Breaks Of Influencer & Blogger Outreach


Do your research
If you want to have the most targeted list of people to reach out to, it will require some time. This part could make or break you, do it right.

Do create a compelling headline/subject
This is the first thing someone will see in their inbox. Bloggers are bombarded with tons of emails each day. Make yours stick out.

Do remember this is a relationship
Relationships take work. Be honest, open, likable and follow up.

Do use your manners
There are rules of engagement here, people. Use your manners when talking to people. Don’t boss them around. Ask them nicely, compliment them and actually know about them.

Do use their real name
Please use the blogger’s real name, if you can find it. If you can’t find it, open the letter up with a nice greeting.

Do make it as easy for them as possible
I can’t tell you how happy it makes me when I have a lot of the work done for me before I even have to start writing. Send pictures, videos, and as much information as you can, so that the entry barrier is low.

Do follow up
People are busy. Don’t forget the art of the follow up. It can put you back on their radar just like that.

Do say “thank you,” or offer help
Writing about your product requires time and energy. Say thank you for their hard work.

Do be yourself
In the online world, it’s refreshing to get a feel for who someone really is. This can be your “in.” Just be as human as possible.

Do give a freebie here and there
People love free stuff. Period.


Don’t come around only when you need something
Keep the relationship active by commenting on the blogger’s posts, by saying “Hi” on Twitter, and stopping by their Facebook page.

Don’t send it out as a mass email
There is nothing worse than getting an email in which 100 other people are copied. Way to make someone feel comfortable.

Don’t be a jerk-face
Okay, a little harsh. But it’s true. When you get turned down and you will get turned down do it with grace.

Don’t be careless
Making mistakes, like calling the blogger by the wrong name, sending an email for a product unrelated to the blogger’s niche, or forgetting graphics, is a sure fire way to land yourself on the amateur list.

Follow these simple rules and you’ll be on your way to becoming outreaching royalty.

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Stephanie Clegg

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