5 Reasons Blogging Is The New SEO

Just a short time ago, the #1 online marketing strategy was Link Building. If you wanted to dominate search engines, attract new website visitors, and build a bigger list, Link Building was your ace in the hole. But things have changed dramatically. Google has improved its SEO radar and made it much more difficult to […]

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Pinterest Marketing 101

By now you’ve probably heard of Pinterest, (www.pinterest.com) the new social network that has literally taken the social media world by storm. In this article, I’m going to help you understand how you can use Pinterest to promote your website while walking you through some of the basics of Pinterest usage and Pinterest marketing. Let’s […]

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Mars Edit Blog Publishing Tool

If you know anything about the power of blogging, you know how important it is to have lots of blogs scattered across many different domain names. Not only do blogs make perfect platforms for publishing new content, they’re also great for SEO purposes — especially long-term link building. Unfortunately, it can be a serious pain […]

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