How To Use Social Media For BusinessAs you probably know by now, I am all about marketing your business on social media. I truly believe it one of the the best way to get your products and services in front of the right people while building a meaningful relationship with them. While not all networks are created equal, it is important to spend the most time and efforts on the social networks that will bring you the most return.

I refer to the most valuable social networks as The Big 5, although recently it’s more like The Big 5 plus a bonus network. In other words we’re moving towards 6 essential social networks that can be crucial to the success of your business.

Which Sites Make Up The Big 5

I go into depth on each and every one of these networks in our Convert With Content Traffic Course so I encourage you to check that out. You don’t need to use all of these, however, I do. That’s partially because I love social media, but also because I am always working on different businesses so they all make sense for you.

The goal of using these networks is to find your target audience and connect with them in the right fashion. Social Media Marketing is about connecting to right audience on the right network at the right time with the right message.

Obviously there is so much more to this but here is a quick sampling of what to expect and think about before creating your messages for these audiences.

LinkedIn is best if you are trying to connect with business decision makers. The mentality on LinkedIn is all about business, doing business with others and making money. Make sure your message fits that mindset.

Facebook is the nosy network. People are looking at their friends’ vacations, baby pictures and memes. Happiness, enlightenment, and humorous are the feelings you should think about connecting with.

Twitter is the network for customer service and relationship building. Because it is a very public network you should be monitoring and listening online to hear what people say about you and your competitors.

Pinterest is the ladies club. It is filled with women sharing recipes, DIY, home hacks and fashion advice. However, you can use it for more traditional businesses as well. Think images here.

Google Plus
Google Plus is the SEO network. Not only is each post indexed uniquely on Google, the keywords can be found through search and it helps rankings. You should definitely be on G+ even if your network isn’t there yet.

Bonus Instagram
I love Instagram. While you can’t measure traffic from Instagram yet (unless you put in a pretty link), I know it works to build community. It is a visual network so images or quote cards are going to be your best bet.

Which network do you use most for your business? You can vote here.

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