How To Be Good At TwitterTwitter is one of those tricky networks for many.? In fact, I hear this often. “I’m on Twitter, but I don’t really get it.” If you think this, don’t worry, you aren’t alone.

Twitter is often thought of as the network you use when you want to tell the world useless things like what you had for lunch or that you are currently tying your shoe.? For some, yes, this is what Twitter is used for.? But from a business perspective this isn’t going to move your bottom line.

Twitter is great for a few reasons.? The first being that it is a place to gather insight about your brand, business. Use Twitter as a customer service tool and you will be on the right track.? It is also a great place to share your content.? It is a massive search engine, don’t forget that. And lastly, it’s great for creating engaging conversations with like-minded individuals and potential customers and clients.

Here’s what you should be doing on Twitter to become a better Twitter user.

Do What Works

There are right ways to tweet and there are not so right ways to tweet.? When you do what works for your business, you are doing what works.? And you want to stay in this zone.? According to a recent study, the following things work well on Twitter.

1. Use Images
2. Use Video (Vine)
3. Use Quotes
4. Use Hashtags

Make Your Personality Shine

Be Nice
You should always be nice to people in life.? Social media is part of life, so that means you should be nice to people there too.? It is going to get you further, I promise.

Be Grateful
When someone tweets your content, be thankful and if you can thank them.

Be Reciprocal
Notice someone sharing a lot of your content, share theirs back.? It’s a two way relationship.

Be Friendly
Reach out to people, offer help and encourage success among other users.? Friends are important on social media.

Showcase Your Business

Share Your Blogs
Don’t have a blog yet?? Now is the time to get one.

Share Your Discounts
People love discounts. In fact, it is a top reason to follow businesses socially.

Do these things and you’ll see more followers, more engagement and more relationships in the making.

Good luck!

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Stephanie Clegg

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