How To Avoid Sales Pitches On LinkedInI know, I know. Sometimes LinkedIn can feel like a spam house. You see sales pitch after sales pitch and nothing to increase your business. Let me put it straight. That’s the way of LinkedIn. And no matter how “good” of a LinkedIn user you are, there will always be people trying to pitch you something. It’s a business network after all.

For me, this is what I love about LinkedIn. It’s not about looking at your next door neighbors kids. It’s not about snooping on your 3rd grade crush. It’s about business. And if used correctly, it can help you grow your business better than any other network out there.

I realize that not everyone is like me and not everyone embraces a sales pitch as an opportunity. Perhaps it is the sales person in me. If you aren’t like me and want to use LinkedIn to grow your business and shelter yourself from the spammy messages this article is for you.

Now before we jump in. I want to reiterate that I love LinkedIn and if you approach business with the mindset that everyone has something to offer in someway, maybe not today, but in the future, then I wouldn’t recommend doing this. I think being open and public on LinkedIn is one of the best way to increase your leads with a targeted

But if you really really hate being so public on LinkedIn and if the sales pitches eat more of your time than benefit you here’s what you can do about it.

1. Use a social media email
LinkedIn messages come into your inbox, so even if you don’t check your LinkedIn messages often, you’ll still see them in your email. So, set up your main LinkedIn email to go to a social media email. This should be an email account that you use to set up all your social sites. This way you don’t have to fill your inbox with notifications.

2. Keep your profile private
When you have a private profile on LinkedIn, people can only reach out if they know your email. If your email is a social media email account, they probably won’t be able to guess it.

3. Don’t respond to sales pitches
Simply ignore the sales pitches. They will come in, but you don’t have to respond. It’s pretty simple.

4. Hire someone to manage your LinkedIn
This is the best option. Embrace those LinkedIn messages. You never know who is trying to get in touch. But instead of being bothered by them, why don’t you hire someone to handle it for you. Someone like, say us. 🙂

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