A Dose Of SEO RealityTop Google rankings truly are the holy grail of web marketing. Just imagine it: massive floods of traffic beating down your “virtual doors.” Loads of opt-ins hitting your account every day, every hour. And sales spiking through the roof! It really is an ideal scene of success and prosperity.

Anytime I talk to small business owners about their web marketing goals, the conversation almost always heads in this direction: How can I get higher search engine rankings for my small business?

I’m sure the same is true for YOU. Right now you have an idea of maybe 10, 50, or even 100 keyword phrases for which you would LOVE to rank #1 on Google — even a top 10 appearance on page one would be a major milestone, right?

This is exactly why SEO is a multi-billion dollar industry. Plenty of businesses want top rankings for their website and are willing to invest thousands and thousands of dollars to make it happen.

The problem, though, is most SEO companies are selling solutions that either don’t work or, at best, only temporarily work (or: at VERY worst, actually hurt your website long-term). Most SEO companies were born during the era of Internet Marketing when aggressive link building and keyword-dense content was actually effective (yes, there really was such a time). And those same companies transformed into multi-million dollar behemoth’s that got stuck in their ways and addicted to selling their broken services to small businesses.

I’m definitely not saying that all SEO companies are bad. I’m simply saying that the industry became so large so fast that it’s now struggling just to feed itself despite the reality that its old school strategies no longer work.

The problem is most small business owners don’t know enough about the history and the complexity of Web Marketing to understand what SEO really is and what it really takes to be successful.

We all want a magic bullet for everything, even though we know magic bullets don’t exist. Weight loss, relationships, business, success, even top search engine rankings.

Here’s the reality — top Google rankings isn’t an overnight process and it isn’t something you can “trick” Google into doing.

Top Google rankings come as a result of following the key principles that actually work — blogging about valuable topics, engaging on social media, and providing a valuable experience on your website.

If you want to be successful with SEO, then you need to stop looking for shortcuts and start focusing on what really works.

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Jason Clegg

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