How to combat social media fatigueSometimes our social media outreach and posts get a little stale. We get stuck in a groove and post the same thing because it used to work. Likes and comments decrease. Fan engagement falls. Sound familiar? It happens to the best of us.

Social media is constantly changing. That, in many ways is the beauty of social media. It’s real-time. It’s adaptable. It’s seasonal. As a business you need to be flexible too. Here are some ways to combat social media fatigue to breathe life back into your online presence.

8 Ways To Combat Social Media Fatigue

1. Mix It Up
Always posting images? Try to start posting links and videos too. By mixing it up you are going to keep your fans on their toes. If they like it, they will let you know.

2. Get Your Fans Involved
Fans are the greatest source of inspiration. It’s likely that they are posting about you and creating content for you already. You can use this to your advantage. Not only is it fresh new content, it allows gives the fans a bit of fame, which will spur fan envy. Fan envy will cause other fans to post and create content about you so they can be featured too.

3. Try Cross Promotion
Post your Instagram pictures on your Facebook page. Tweet your yelp reviews. Cross promotion will help you grow your fans across the different networks creating a stronger sense of community. Plus, the new content will do well.

4. Blog
You know what I am going to say here. If you aren’t blogging, you don’t have much to share online. Not only does blogging help you have something to share on a regular basis, it also gives others something to share. Start blogging and start blogging now!

5. Host A Contest
Contests are a great way to build your list and build engagement. Before you host any old contest though you should really think about what outcome you want. Do you want to have a lot of content to reshare from your fans? Then do a user-gen contest. Want a lot of likes? Host a Facebook contest.

6. Find Brand Ambassadors
Brand ambassadors are great because they help you spread the word for you to a trusted group of people. Allow them to take control of your accounts for the day. A different voice might be what you need.

7. Change Your Posting Schedule
As your fan base grows, the time that was good to post last week may have changed this week. Different users equals different habits. Try switching up the times you post. This could have a huge impact.

8. Be Spontaneous
Sometimes scheduling can get super stale. Try being spontaneous for a week and see what happens. This means post manually to the different networks. You never know, this could make all the difference.

How do you combat social media fatigue?

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