Here I am pretending to be the Snapchat ghost
Pretending to be the Snapchat ghost

If you don’t know what SnapChat is, don’t worry. It’s a relatively new iPhone app that is very popular with teens. But it isn’t only popular with teens. Snapchat is growing, and it’s growing fast. 18.6% of iPhone users have Snapchat. To put things in perspective. Over 60 million photos or messages are sent each day! That’s a lot of messages!

What Is Snapchat?

Snapchat is a mobile app that allows you to send self-destructible photos and videos to your friends. That’s right, they actually self-delete after 10 seconds at the most. (You can determine how long you want your friends to see the message, but 10 seconds is the max).

I’ve been a fan of Snapchat for awhile because it allows me to communicate with my cousins who are both under 20. And my brother, who often shares images of his life on the road (he’s a musician) with me. It’s fun and definitely part of the real-time trend.

Like my cousins and brother, (and me) Snapchat users are fanatics. Buzzfeed has a funny post about the types of Snapchat users.

Snapchat Marketing

Larger companies have experimented with Snapchat marketing. Rebecca Minkoff gave her fans and friends an inside view of New York Fashion Week via Snapchat. I was able to quickly take a screen shot of the images she sent. It makes you feel as though you’re getting a first look at the new collection, which makes me, personally, feel super cool. I’m sure her other fans can agree.

Rebecca Minkoff is onto something here.

Once I received this notification I saw a backstage view of New York Fashion Week. 

I took a quick snapshot to share here.  But you have to be quick snaps self-delete.
I took a quick snapshot to share here. But you have to be quick snaps self-delete.

This is one way of using Snapchat for marketing. Small businesses can get in on the Snapchat action as well. You’ll have to grow your following manually by asking people to add you as a contact. This is the only hard part. You can put a sign up in your store and notify people on your email list, and through social media, to get you started in terms of new followers.

8 Small Business Uses For Snapchat

1. Flash sales

Let your customers know of a sale and Snap them a coupon or keyword they have to use in order to cash in.

2. Scavenger Hunt

Snap users an image of a product they have to find in the store to get 20% off.

3. Secret Menu Item

Make up a secret menu item that customers could only eat that day.

4. Snapchat Contest

Create a contest where snapchat users have to write down your 10 keywords or images in order to win a free trip.

5. Hello From Company

Just a quick “Hello!” can make you relevant. Everyone likes to be said hi to.

6. Fill in the blank

As you are able to add text to any image leave the middle word out and have people guess it on twitter to get a sale.

7. Speedy Snap Responses

Send your customers a Snap letting them know that the first to respond with a Snap back to you will win a prize.

8. Build Your Following

Have your Snapchat followers get their friends to follow you. When they send you proof of those followers, have each new friend send you a Snap to verify, then reward them all with a fun freebie.

Do you use snapchat? How do you use it for your marketing?

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