8 Apps I Can't Live Without My husband, Jason, he gets a bit annoyed with me. In fact, a lot of my friends do because I am always on my phone. Literally, always. My excuse is that I’m working. And the reality of the matter is, I am.

You see, as a social media professional, I have to stay on top of the trends. I need to follow the memes. My profession requires me to have constant #FOMO — fear of missing out. With that said, here are the 8 apps I use regularly on my phone.

8 Apps I Can’t Live Without

1. Twitter
This is probably my favorite app. Because Twitter requires a real-time response, I am constantly checking it. I love how I can add as many profiles to my account as I’d like. I can easily scroll between them too.

2. Facebook
I use Facebook primarily to kill time. But from a business standpoint, I use it to make sure posts have gone live after scheduling. I like the managers app as well as it gives me a behind the scenes look at my pages.

3. LinkedIn
My favorite app of all time! I love the LinkedIn mobile app because it allows me to stay connected on the go. It’s easy to use and do everything on your phone that you could on your desktop or laptop computer.

4. Timehop
This is really more of my guilty pleasure. I am nostalgic I suppose. Timehop allows me to take a trip down memory lane every day to see what I was up to socially last year, the year before and even up to 7 years ago when I first got Facebook. 5 years ago today I was “becoming my dream.” How cute is that? 🙂

5. Instagram
Another personal favorite. I manage a lot of our clients’ Instagram account and as this is strictly a mobile app I really have one option here unless I’m scheduling out posts. You can do that on Schedugram.

6. Pinterest
Pinterest on the go is great for pinning and repining on the go. The mobile photo upload feature is also really simple to use.

7. Buffer
Reading a great article that you want to share at a later date? Buffer is your go-to.

8. Repost Whiz
I reshare a lot of Instagram posts as part of clients’ strategies. This is the tool I use for that. I love it and you should definitely try it out.

What are your favorite apps?

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