7 Ways To Write Better Tweets That Increase Click-ThroughsShare, post and tweet all day, but if it isn’t driving traffic back to your site, you are kind of missing the boat. Yes, Twitter and other social media networks are great for engagement and building relationships. But if those relationships don’t turn into traffic, leads and sales, what’s the point? We are in business after all and we need those dollar dollar bills to stay afloat.

If you look at your analytics and see very few referrals coming from Twitter (shows up as t.co on Google Analytics) a few things might be wrong.

6 Major Reasons Why You Aren’t Getting Twitter Traffic

1. You don’t have a large following.
2. You don’t have the right following.
3. You don’t blog enough.
4. You don’t share enough.
5. You don’t have a link in your bio.
6. Your tweets don’t capture your audience’s attention.

That’s the reality. Now here’s the good news. There are solutions to each and every one of these problems. You can grow your following with the right targeted individuals by engaging with the right people. You can blog more often which will allow you to share more often. You can easily update your bio to include a link back to your website. And lastly, you can create better tweets that will encourage more people to click-on through to the other side. In fact, that’s just what I’m going to show you how to do.

7 Ways To Write Better Tweets

1. Talk Directly To Your Audience
This is the number one thing that you can change. Don’t talk at your audience, talk directly to them. The more relevant you can be, the better chances you have to get them to click through. One really easy way of doing this is by adding YOU in your tweet.

Here’s how to write better tweets.
Want to increase click-throughs? Here’s how you can write better tweets that capture’s your audience’s attention.

See the difference between the two? The use of you and your makes the reader feel as if they are having a personal conversation and that you are talking to them personally. It works.

2. Include A Call To Action
Sometimes you have to encourage people to click through. Twitter even admits that when you use actionable words or include a call to action, you’ll increase your clicks by 13%. But remember, there needs to be a reason for your audience to click. Here’s an example.

Want more Twitter traffic? Read my latest post and find out how you can increase your click-throughs.
You can get more traffic on Twitter. Click here to find out how I do it and how you can do it too.

Another good call-to-action word is download.

3. Add Photos/Videos
We know that photos increase engagement. But there is also proof that photos can increase clickthroughs too. According to this infographic from Kissmetrics, tweets with images receive 18% more click-throughs. That’s a good number. Twitter also just launched video streaming as a native feature. Because social video is so strong, I imagine that this too helps increase click-through rates.

4. Write In Active Tense not Passive
This is something that any writing teacher will teach you. My favorite journalism teacher nailed this into our heads too. It is so important to use an active voice instead of a passive one. It sounds stronger and it is easier to follow.

Want to get better results with twitter? Do this.
instead of
Wanting to get better results with Twitter? You may want to think about trying this.

Here are some other great tips to help you write better copy.

5. Offer Value
This is something that too few marketers remember. Marketing and communicating is about adding value to your customers and audience. Your tweets should be no exception. Yes, it is fun to spout off nonsense sometimes, but for business stick to the good stuff. Treat each tweet as an opportunity to educate your potential customers and customers, make them feel connected to you, or give them something.

6. Keep It On The Shorter Side
According to Dan Zarrella, tweets that are 120 to 130 characters are more likely to be clicked on. Besides the clickable issue, this is important to take into consideration because you don’t want your tweet shortened or cut off when someone retweets it. Plus, keeping it on the shorter side also allows for your retweeter to add a bit of commentary.

7. Try Multiple Tweets For The Same Content
First rule to know, you are never going to reach all of your followers at one time or ever. Thus, tweeting one link once is a mistake. You need to tweet it a lot throughout the life of the link. Which for evergreen content and most blog posts is always. I like to break up one article, blog post, or page on my website into at least 5 tweets. Not only does this allow me to analyze the best performing copy, it also allows me to get my link out without looking like I’m tweeting the same thing over and over again.

How do you increase your click-throughs on Twitter? Any tricks or tips to share? I’d love to hear them.

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