How To Make Yourself More Marketable On LinkedInLinkedIn is one of the most powerful networks for solopreneurs, marketing professionals, business owners, and anyone in the B2B spectrum.? I know, I know. I say this a lot. But I mean every word of it.? In fact, I can tell you that we grow our business month after month from LinkedIn.?? Of course to get the most out of the network you have to put in an effort.

So what kind of effort are we talking here?? Not much.? I’d say you can be effective in under 30 minutes per day.? We’re all about maximizing our time, and as a small business owner, we understand that your time is valuable too.

Here are 7 ways to make yourself more marketable on LinkedIn.

1. Personalized Messages
Whenever you connect with anyone on LinkedIn, you need to send a personalized message.? The default message just won’t cut it.? The reason you want to add a personalized message is because it opens you up to a relationship.?? There is a huge difference between collecting connections and creating connections.? A personalized message is your first step into making valuable connections with people who you can do business with.

2. Share Images
This is something that too few people do.? When you share images on LinkedIn you are going to attract more attention.? Of course your images need to be good and relevant, but if you can constantly create posts with solid images you are going to be sitting pretty on the engagement side.

3.? Share news from your company page to your personal page
A company page doesn’t always get the most attention. One way to get a little more action is to share the posts to your personal page.? This will allow you to get back on the newsfeed but also get a little recognition for your company page.? Double win!

4.? Join Groups
Groups are the single best way to increase your reach on LinkedIn.? You need to share good, high quality articles that are relevant.? Of course, it’s best if you have your own articles to share.? Make sure you don’t just post and run.? If people comment on your articles, make sure to keep the conversation going.

5.? Update Your Profile Often
When you update your profile, you will get found for new things, but also get back on the news feed.? Remember, it’s all about the news feed.

6. Expand Your Network
Just like updating your profile, when you connect with new people you will show up in your network’s feed.? If anything this will bring your face back in the limelight and it will show that you are active and making moves.

7. Blog On LinkedIn
LinkedIn just opened up it’s publishing platform.? Use it to your advantage and think of it as a guest blogging platform. There are tons of benefits here.

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