7 More Ways To Increase Facebook Reach Without Paying For Advertising Ahh, Facebook. We love to hate on them don’t we. It’s no surprise by now that Facebook organic reach is on its way out. We feel it on our pages and I’m sure you feel it on your pages too. This topic is so hot that my last post on the subject has been my most popular post on the ConvertWithContent blog thus far. (By the way, thank you for that!)

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How To Increase Facebook Fan Page Reach Without Paying For Advertising

Many of the ideas I shared are still very effective. But I have even more to share with you. Ready? Let’s jump right in.

How To Increase Facebook Reach Without Paying For Advertising

1. Amp Up Your Website Content
The best way to increase your reach is to create more content on your website to share. Obviously I encourage blogging as the means to accomplish this. Not only does this allow you to share directly from your blog to your fan page, it also allows others to share your content to their Facebook pages. While I know this article is primarily about the fan page, it is important not to neglect that Facebook reach occurs without you actually doing the posting. With that said, if you are creating great content that is Facebook worthy you have a better chance of getting it seen on Facebook. That right there will increase your reach plus it will draw people to your website which is really the goal here.

2. Share More Often
There is a lot of debate on this one. Many people are afraid of pissing off their fans by over posting. The fact of the matter is that so few of your fans are going to see your posts that it really doesn’t matter. Plus people are on Facebook at different times, in order to reach more people you should post more often.

One post may reach 1,000 people, the other might reach 450, and the third might reach 1,200. Add those up and you’re looking at a reach of 1,650 that day instead of 1,000 if you only posted that one post.

3. Empower Your Army Of Fans
Your fans are important to helping you spread the word. Create your super fans by nurturing the relationships with them and you will see them becoming more and more engaged. When they are more engaged they are helping you reach their friends and contacts. We like that idea. To do that you should be commenting and engaging them when they post on your page and/or on your posts. Treat them like a friend and you’ll be happy with the results.

4. Create More Video
Facebook wants you to add video to their site. Seriously, they are making it a top priority. Haven’t you noticed a ton of video in your feed? It’s not a coincidence. So, what does this mean? Make video and post video. Not only does it get reshared more often then any other time of content, it is also a great way to show your products in a new medium. Video rocks the social world.

5. Re-engage With Past Content
Think about your personal Facebook page for a minute. Have you ever noticed that when you like an old picture of yours you get a lot of new activity on that post? The same thing happens when you re-engage with old content on your fan page. Relike it, recomment on it, or respond to someone to update them. You’ll see a boost in activity and reach on that post.

6. Share At The Right Times
This is another important point. If you post when people aren’t online, then you aren’t going to reach many people. To combat this only post at the most active times. You can find this data in the insights tab on your Facebook page. Post your most important content during the most popular time of day.

7. Reshare Old Content
Just because you already posted it on Facebook doesn’t mean that you can’t reshare it. In fact, you should reshare it because your fans have changed since the last time you shared it, plus it’s likely they might have missed it. I like to reshare content with a new title or teaser to mix things up a bit. You should experiment with it to see what works best for you and your audience.

What would you add to this list?

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