7 Things I Learned About Personal Branding From Those With Great Personal BrandsI strongly believe in the power of the personal brand. It makes you more authoritative and with a stronger brand comes other great things like more leads, referrals and traffic. It’s important to invest in personal branding especially if you are a B2B business, salesperson, author, coach or speaker.

Here are 7 Ways To Brand Yourself Online

1. Create Your Own Hashtag
Not only does this allow you to create a community around yourself and your thoughts, it also makes you super memorable. If you are looking for inspiration here check out Bryan Kramer. Bryan uses #H2H which stands for Human 2 Human. If you do a search for this hashtag, you’ll see a ton of content show up from him and from others who are joining in on the conversation.

Whatever your hashtag might be you should keep it unique to you and what it is you are trying to sell. Now that you have your hashtag it’s time to market it. Yup, you can just create and leave. You have to push it forward and get it out there always.

2. Create Your Own Quote Cards
Jordan Belfort, the Wolf Of Wall Street does this really well. Yes, we’ve worked with him, but still. The reason quote cards work so well is because they are highly shareable. When people do share them they have your name and/or your face all over them. It’s a win.


3. Make Your Image Standard Across The Board
Want people to recognize you? Use the same image across the board. That means your profile pics should all be the same. When you update one, update the rest. This gives people a seamless experience while interacting with you on different channels.

Another thing you can do is add your image to many of your posts. People want to connect with other people, make your voice match your image.

4. Own Your Name
The number one thing that is a huge miss is not owning your own name. It’s a simple one, but it is very powerful. If you don’t own your domain yet, now is the time to buy it up and fast. You don’t want another john smith coming along and taking it from you.

5. Create A Ton Of Content
Content is key to the branding process. You need to create a ton of it. You should be so easy to find within the niche you are trying to connect to that it isn’t even funny. Everywhere they are is where you are active too. Don’t get lost in the trenches, be out there front and center. Content can be videos, blogs, posts, updates, tweets, infographics or tutorials. The more variety, the better.

6. Guest Blog
Guest blogging has been under attack because of some shady practices, but real authentic guest blogging is powerful. I guest blog when I can and it has helped me grow and reach new audiences. One person who I’d say is the master is Neil Patel. He is blogging everywhere and it works really well. He is an expert and it shows. Plus, he shows up everywhere.

7. Build Your Community
Your community is your tribe. If you want people to take you seriously, it’s time to really focus on the community building aspect. The larger and stronger your fans are, the more they’ll promote you, stick with you and help you. I like to look at celebrities for this because they know how to build a fan base. In fact, their success relies on their fans. Connect with your fans, give them what they want and appreciate them.

And of course, don’t forget to be yourself. Cliche, I know, but important.

For more tips check out this site.

Who is your inspiration when it comes to self branding?

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