7 Social Media & Web Marketing Tips To Grow Your Real Estate BusinessLike many other businesses, real estate is a profession that uses in-person connections. Because you are selling an offline entity and something tangible, in order to survive now a days you need to bridge the gap between the offline and the online. The ConvertWithContent system is a great way to do that. By combining a strong website presence and an even stronger social media presence you are able to conquer your local competition and build a name for yourself that extends beyond bus stop benches and billboards.

Now, you don’t have to reinvent the wheel. You just need to bring what you’ve been successful at doing offline and bring that online. For most real estate brokers and agents that means promotion, advertising, lead generation, follow up, and brand building.

With that said, online promotion, self-branding and lead generation are the three most important skills you’ll need to master in order to grow your real estate business online. Here’s what you need to know.

7 Social Media & Web Marketing Tips To Help You Grow Your Real Estate Business

1. Take Advantage Of GeoTargeting
Whether you are a real estate agent or broker in Edmonton or a real estate pro in San Diego, your local community is important. You want to be able to reach people who are looking to buy and sell locally. Luckily we can find those people pretty easily through geo-targeting. You can do this manually through Instagram & Twitter by searching locations. Or you can do this through social advertising on Facebook, Twitter & even LinkedIn.

2. Photos Are Your Best Friend
Photos are worth a thousand words and in real-estate how you present your properties are more important than ever. This means you need to showcase them on Facebook in albums, on Pinterest in boards, on Instagram with geo-tags, on your website and through email. Photos lend themselves really well socially, so make sure you use them to your advantage.

3. Video Will Differentiate You

Every other agent out there is using photos, but not everyone is using video. Video is not only super engaging on social media sites, but it can also help you get that much needed face time in with your prospects and clients. Think about using sites like Vine for 6 second real-estate tips or longer features on YouTube to showcase your properties. It’s more authentic than photos and gives you that added boost through search. Don’t forget that YouTube is the second largest search engine and it is Google.

4. Be A Local Expert
You probably know your area like the back of your hand. That’s great. Now it is time to show that to the world. Educate people on why your community is the best and they will start coming to you for everything. Know the best restaurants? Schools? Events? This will brand you as an expert. Use it and make it fun. No one wants to hear only about your properties, we want to know why we should live there too.

5. Nurture Your Leads
This is something that too few people are doing. You have to nurture your leads online and off. Online that means through drip campaigns and email marketing. You’ll know better than me, but the life of a lead can range from a month to many many years. Someone might buy now and sell 5 years from now. You want to stay on their radar and a great way to do this is through a nurturing campaign. We love Infusionsoft for this.

6. Say Hello To New Technologies
Be a savvy agent like Timperis, and utilize new technology to get things done faster and more efficient. She has a good list of technologies to use. I’d also add Infusionsoft to the list.

7. SMS Marketing Can Help You With Real-Time
Start thinking about gathering phone numbers in addition to emails. Why? SMS text messages for real-time events, showings and listings can be very powerful. We are attached to our phones and a text is more instant than an email. <text message> New listing. Want to see it right now? I’m at the house or office showing it right now, come on by. </end text> Get it?

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