7 Things I Do To Use Social Media To Earn More SalesHave a prospect? It’s likely that they are going to hang up the phone with you and “think” about it. You might email them to no response. Maybe they’ll even write you back to let you know that they are still “thinking” about it. Maybe they’ve even forgotten about you and just stop writing you back. The thing with sales is you have to strike while the iron is hot. And the iron can get cold very quickly.

To avoid being forgotten, you have to do a few things often and well. Of course you have to be relevant to them. If you are trying to sell someone something that will never make sense to them, you are wasting both your and their time. But if you truly believe in your product and that the product or service you are selling will help the person at large, here’s how you can continue to massage the relationship until it turns into a mutually beneficial relationship.

You can use social media to earn more sales. Here’s how.

7 Things I Do To Stay Connected With Prospects & Customers

1. Find them on LinkedIn and connect with them
For me, LinkedIn is the best network for business. I’m in the B2B world so it makes sense with me. The first thing I do when I get off the phone with someone is try to find them on LinkedIn and let them know that I enjoyed our call. I want them to be connected to me so I can have one more way to reach them. Plus, I create a ton of content and share a ton of content on LinkedIn. I know if they are active on LinkedIn, the odds are in my favor that my mug is going to pop up on their feed.

2. Find them on Twitter and follow them
Again, the same reason applies to Twitter as is does to LinkedIn. Twitter is great for connecting with people because they don’t have to accept you back like they do on LinkedIn. I know I am always sharing great content that is relevant to many businesses so I’d like them to see it. Plus, I’d like to see what they are sharing.

3. Find them on Facebook and like their page
While the person might not know you have liked their page, it is a great way to stay up to date and follow what they are up to as a company. Plus, it makes them happy when their likes go up.

4. Comment or Like on some of their posts
This can happen on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, GooglePlus, YouTube, Pinterest, anywhere really. The idea is to add value to the conversation. Show them you are paying attention and be relevant. You have to be genuine and don’t overdo it. Otherwise you’ll be annoying.

5. Share content that applies directly to them
I can’t reiterate how important content is to the process. You need it. In fact, you probably need more of it. By sharing you are adding value and showcasing your expertise and knowledge. The more content you have, the more likely you are to get them to read it.

6. Reach out directly or @mention them with new ideas
See something that makes sense for them while you are social, tag them. Share new ideas with them. Let them know that you are thinking of them and you care about them. Of course you must be genuine.

7. Sign up to their newsletter and respond once in a while
I think this is one of the best ways to stay in touch with a company. Email is gold. If you have something to add respond. Reach out. Build a relationship with them.

Why do I do this? For one, I am interested in what they are sharing and I genuinely care about people. I am a people’s person. I am a bit nosy too. And the other reason is that people want to feel like you can really make a difference in their business and that you care about their business. They want to feel like it is about them. When you make that effort to be involved and add value to their life and their business, the chances are higher that they will want to work with you.

Don’t be spammy. Don’t be rude. Don’t get defensive.
Be genuine. Add value. Really care about making a difference in someone’s business.

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