7 Reasons Why You Need An Ecommerce Blog - @StephaniefrascoHere’s a question I get a lot: “If I’m an ecommerce store, why would I need a blog? Wouldn’t that distract my potential buyers from purchasing products?” The answer is that you absolutely need a blog. Plus, if it is done correctly, it will guide your buyers to make a conscious decision to purchase. Here are 7 reasons why every e-commerce site needs to blog…

1. Blogging Gives Your Store A Voice
By blogging regularly you are able to develop a voice for your business that coincides with the voice you have for your business offline. Put yourself in the buyers shoes for a minute. Would you want to walk into a store and be greeted with “here are our products, read the descriptions, don’t ask me any questions, make your purchase, and Get Out!” No, I didn’t think so.

By having an ecommerce blog, you can avoid this scenario and give your customers something to read and feel more connected with you as a store. Blogging gives you a voice and a voice in a textual world is welcomed with open arms.

2. Blogging Gives Your Site Additional Entry Points
This is point is pretty straight forward. The more you blog, the more pages you have on your site. The more pages you have on your site, the more points of entry a shopper has. As an online retailer you want to bring in as many people to your site as possible. If you only have product pages, you are limiting yourself and your success.

3. Blogging Increases Search Engine Traffic
We’ve seen this scenario in hundreds of our client’s success stories. Once they start blogging, their search traffic goes up. And no, it’s not with tricky back linking or other black hat tricks. When you blog, your search engine traffic goes up because Google and other search engines recognize that your site is fresh, updated frequently, and real. Plus the more content you have on your site, the more keywords and phases you will be found for.

4. Blogging Increases Sharability
When you blog, you have something to share and something for others to share. You can’t underestimate the power of this. Even Google can’t deny that sharing is something they are considering when it comes to search results. Plus, it allows you to share different types of stories on your social channels, instead of just posting product pages which can get pretty boring and stale to your fans.

5. Blogging Allows For More Calls To Action
Think about this. Every time you blog, you can push someone to a few different purchase pages. You don’t need to blog about one single product each time, you can blog about trends, success stories, frequently asked questions, testimonials, and just about anything else that brings you closer to your potential buyer. Each time you blog, it is an opportunity to make a sale. If that doesn’t motivate you, I don’t know what will.

6. Blogging Gets You More Back-Links
This goes back to the sharability point I made. But to touch it from a different angle, when you blog and it is a good blog, other bloggers will want to link to you. I’ve seen it happen with our own blog and I’ve seen it happen with our clients’ blogs. The blogosphere is a community and with that comes relationships. You’ll be happy to see the support blogs give other blogs. Do you really want to miss out on that? 🙂

7. Blogging Gives Buyers More Ways To Enter Your Sales Funnel
Think about all the different ways you can get people into your sales funnel. Your email list is one of the most important assets you can have as an online store. You want this list to be filled with past buyers and future buyers. If you include incentives to sign up for your list and communicate that through your blog, you will see your list grow. And of course, you can always do sweepstakes and contests to build your list. It works!

Still creating your ecommerce site. Here are some great suggestions and tips.

Do you blog for your online store? What benefits have you seen?

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