Black Friday & Cyber Monday Web Marketing IdeasBlack Friday & Cyber Monday are just around the corner as the holiday season approaches. It’s imperative that you run some kind of web marketing promo around this time of year. If you’re normally a bit shy or even lazy about your marketing, this is the time to take action. With sales and promos going on everywhere online & offline, your customers will expect a lot of marketing messages and will be more receptive to them. Here are 7 Black Friday & Cyber Monday web marketing ideas you can use…

First, What Is Cyber Monday?

Just in case you’re not already aware, Cyber Monday sprang up several years ago as a way to stimulate online sales in the wake of Black Friday. Personally, I sort of lump the two together, especially as our culture is making less of a distinction between “online & offline” these days.

I do recommend focusing on one special day — or at least focusing on one at a time. For example, if you’re running a retail store that sells both online and offline, focus on Black Friday for your in-store sales and Cyber Monday for your online sales.

Now, here are 7 ideas to get your wheels turning…

1. Discount your prices.

This is the all-time favorite. I’m not usually a fan of discounting prices, but around Black Friday & Cyber Monday it works like a charm. Your customers are expecting a deal everywhere they look, so it makes sense to jump on the bandwagon and offer the same. My advice: Offer discounts on large bundles where you can make up for the discount in bulk.

2. Give away something for free.

Free gifts always grab attention. Consider offering an incentive for anyone who purchases at least X amount during Black Friday or Cyber Monday. If you’re in e-commerce, this might be a “Free Shipping” offer or for other business types you might even consider “Just Pay Shipping” offers that upsell into larger purchases.

3. Offer a free trial.

Here’s a great idea for those of you running subscription-based businesses: Offer a free trial or even a $1 trial. This is ideal for membership websites or other monthly recurring billing type products — gyms, health clubs, etc.

4. Turn your promo into an event.

Don’t let your promo stop at just one email blast. Try turning it into an event with videos, multiple emails, and even SMS text marketing. A big part of what you’re trying to capture with Black Friday web marketing strategy is to make people feel like they’re part of something.

5. Launch a new product.

Speaking of events, a product launch is a great Cyber Monday web marketing idea. Remember: at this time of year, most people are eager to spend money. The act of splurging around Black Friday & Cyber Monday is culturally reinforced. So why not go big on a new product launch?

6. Give your customers VIP treatment.

The holidays is also a perfect time to make your existing customers feel special. Roll out the red carpet and make your best customers feel important. Department stores like Bloomingdales & Nordstrom do this very well with “Friends & Family” only special shopping days. Copy-and-paste the same idea for your web marketing promo.

7. Run a contest.

Contests allow you to both excite your existing customers AND attract lots of new prospects. You can give away some of your product or anything related to your business.

What other ideas do you have for Black Friday and/or Cyber Monday? Please leave your comment below.

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