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If you’re looking to increase business website traffic, you’re certainly not alone. At least 50% of business websites receive less than 15,000 unique visitors per month. This can be due to a number of reasons — lack of search engine optimization (SEO), infrequent blog publishing, and lack of PPC or other advertising. In this post, we’ll share six simple ways you can increase business website traffic in 2023 and beyond…

1. Analyze your current traffic

Some small businesses make the mistake of not analyzing their current traffic and who is visiting their site, and instead opt to blindly publish content without producing an effective content strategy. To better understand your customer base, analyze the age, gender, and location of your visitors using Google Analytics and create tailored content designed to target this demographic.

2. Optimize with keywords

Keywords are a fundamental part of SEO, allowing Google to rank your website higher and give your site more visibility. Without relevant keywords, your business website will likely sink into anonymity and you won’t reach the right target audience.

To carry out effective keyword research, analyze what people are searching for using online tools like Ubersuggest and Semrush. You want to prioritize keywords that have a high volume (meaning lots of people are searching the term) and a low difficulty (it’s not hard to rank for the keyword).

3. Take advantage of digital ads

If you have a marketing budget, consider taking advantage of digital ads to give your business website a better chance of reaching the right people. With Google Ads, website owners can bid to display advertisements and service offerings to users searching for specific keywords.

4. Publish engaging and high-quality blog posts

Blog posts are an effective way to increase website traffic. The more pages you have within your site, the more likely it is that you’ll rank on Google.

Blogs also allow you to create targeted content complete with relevant keywords. They allow you to not only engage the right demographic, but to establish your business as an industry expert.

5. Utilize social media advertising

Social media is a powerhouse for marketing – so much so that over 93 percent of marketers take advantage of social media for promotion. Promote recent blog posts and product pages using platforms like Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok and watch your website traffic soar.

6. Engage with your community

Give your business a personal touch by engaging with your community, whether that’s through social media, email, or by using a chat function on your website.

Engagement is an excellent way to drive traffic to your website. Potential customers will be drawn to your business offering after witnessing your business’s personal touch.

Increase business website traffic with the help of a blogging agency!

If you don’t have time to write regular, high-quality, and optimized content, you might want to consider hiring a blogging agency. They’ll help you to produce relevant and engaging blog posts designed to increase your overall website traffic and boost your sales.

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