5 Ways To Get More Website Traffic TodayToday I want to motivate you to take action. I want to inspire you to do at least one thing to help grow your web marketing presence today and tomorrow. So I came up with a list of 5 very easy things you can do right now to get your marketing moving. Ideally, you should be doing all 5 things today, but I realize for some people that’s just not realistic. My hope is that by completing at least one item on this list you will be inspired to keep moving forward and do even more…

1. Publish A New Blog

Blogging is the cornerstone of good online marketing and good content marketing. You should be publishing a new blog post every single day if at all possible, but at the very least a few posts per week is much better than nothing. Don’t stress about how many posts you’ve published in the past. Instead, let today be your blank slate and get at least 1 new blog post live on your website today.

2. Share Your Content

Next is social media marketing. I’m sure you already have at least some kind of presence on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and/or Google Plus. But are you active on at least a few of those networks? Here’s your chance to breathe new life into your social marketing. Take some piece of content from your website — a blog post, a landing page, or even just your home page — and share that content on maybe 2-3 of your social networks.

3. Send Out An Email

The third item on this list will only apply if you have some kind of a list in your business already. You can still complete this step even if you have a very small list. My guess is that you’ve let your email marketing go by the way-side. So now it’s time to get it moving again by sending out just one email today. Try a newsletter type email, or try a sales & promotional email. Just get something out to your database.

4. Write A Landing Page

If SEO is where you want to focus your attention, it’s obviously going to take more than just one day to get results. Even still, what you do today will impact your performance tomorrow. Pick one of your target SEO keywords and write a 750-1000 word landing page and get it up on your website. It may take weeks or probably months before you see a return from this work but with SEO there’s simply no other way.

5. Turn On Paid Advertising

Finally if you have the budget and you’re looking for a much quicker traffic infusion, you can try some form of “paid advertising.” Google Adwords PPC allows you to buy clicks to appear in Google Search. Or you can also try social advertising on sites like Facebook and Twitter. Just realize that there’s quite a learning curve with some of these tools.

These 5 suggestions are quick ideas to help you get motivated and get moving. The short-term objective is to get something (anything!) done. The long-term objective is to get more traffic to your website so you can get more prospects, more leads, and more customers.

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