How To Blog Better - 4 Easy WaysBlogging is the cornerstone of good Convert With Content style marketing. Do it right and you’ll dramatically increase traffic, leads, and sales on your website. Do it wrong and you risk wasting valuable time, money, and resources on a lost marketing opportunity. Here are 4 quick tips to make you a better blogger…

1. Write Numbered List Posts

Numbered lists are great! You’re reading one right now. There’s something simple but powerful about the idea that you’re about to get very specific information about a specific topic. Plus, your sense of expectations is clear from the moment you read the title. “5 Things You Must Know About X” gives your readers the satisfaction of knowing that there are just 5 things, and you’re going to spell out each and every one of them.

Numbered lists also make blogging easier. They give structure and definition to your writing. It’s always easier to write when you have a structured framework ready to go — just cover these X number of points, and you’re golden.

2. Post A Kick-Off Comment

I’m a big fan of encouraging discussions by leading the discussion. Your readers will tend to get involved if they know you (the blogger) are actively engaged in the comments on your blog. People tend to steer clear of empty restaurants as much as they steer clear of empty blog comments fields.

A simple kick-off comment allows you to open up the discussion by simply asking questions like, “What other ideas do you have on this topic, dear readers?” Your eager readers will help you build those first few comments to generate a thread of vibrant and interesting discussions.

3. Go Comment On Other Blog Posts

Here’s a great way to encourage people to leave even more comments on your blog — go comment on their blog! Find 5-10 related blogs in your niche and go leave thoughtful comments on their blog posts with your name and a link back to your blog.

Social reciprocity is a very real thing. Follow this simple rule regularly and you’ll begin to build real relationships with other bloggers. (Hint: You want to do this without compromising your business, so try to focus on blogs on related topics without accidentally stepping on competitor toes.)

4. Give Away Something For Free

Here at Convert With Content, we teach and practice “Lead Magnet Marketing.” Simply put, this involves giving away something for free to attract leads on your website (Ebook, Ereport, White Paper, MP3 download, etc).

The end of your blog posts is an ideal place to capture leads, so be sure you’re presenting an opt-in box even before your comments field. Believe it or not, far more people will opt-in before they leave a comment.

Put at least one of these 4 tips into action today and take your Business Blogging to the next level!

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Jason Clegg

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