4 Ways To Increase Your Leads OnlineSmall businesses need 3 things to succeed online and off. More traffic, more leads and more sales. We’ve found that when you get more qualified traffic, you’ll also see more leads. If you don’t have a place to capture leads, well then, you are wasting a lot of traffic. So to say all you need to do is increase traffic would be misleading. What you need to do is make sure your website is ready to receive leads and increase your traffic with the right people. That right there is the path to take.

Here are some ways to increase your traffic. If you still want more, then I recommend checking out the Traffic System.

4 Ways To Increase Leads

1. Use A Lead Magnet
A lead magnet is something that is designed to get people to opt-in. It can be a webinar, an ebook, a white paper, or even a discount. The idea is to give something away for free in exchange for them giving you their email. Email is highly valuable as it is one of the best ways to convert people and nurture them into buyers. At the same time, people aren’t willing to give away their email unless they perceive value. They want to know that their inbox is still sacred and you aren’t going to spam them. But if you give them something free right off the bat, the trust can be instilled from the get-go.

2. Drive Traffic To A Landing Page
A lot of times we are shooting blanks. We are pushing people through sequences that don’t make sense for the goal of getting more leads. Landing pages are a great thing to have on your site because they are super targeted, great for SEO and you can drive people directly to them for one purpose. I like to test different landing pages in different types of communication and different networks. I use one specifically for LinkedIn and mix them up for different social networks. Here’s an example of our blogging landing page and my social media engagement ebook landing page.

3. Add More Opt-In Forms
This is something that is so simple yet often overlooked. Having your phone number on your website is not enough. You need to have contact pages, opt-in forms on your blog, in your sidebar and everywhere else. You want to make it as easy as possible for someone to opt-in to receive more information.

4. Use Social Media Strategically
Lastly, social media should be used to increase your leads. It is so important that you are strategic with your social efforts. Social media isn’t for popularity. It is for increasing your authority and leads. You can engage with the right people and send them to the right pages on your site, but don’t engage just for the sake of engaging. You want people to buy. You want people to remember you. You don’t want to be chatty for the sake of being chatty.

How do you increase your leads?

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