Lead Magnet For B2CAt ConvertWithContent we live by the lead magnet. For our business our lead magnets have been tested, split tested, and analyzed over and over again. We know they work to increase our leads. We have the data.

Many people will argue that lead magnets only work for b2b businesses like ConvertWithContent. And yes, there is no doubt that lead magnets work exceptionally well for businesses that sell to other businesses. In B2B we use ebooks and white papers are the primary form of a lead magnet. 57% of B2B marketers rate white papers as an effective content marketing tactic.

However, B2C businesses can also get into the lead magnet game. And yes, you can still use ebooks and white papers. Before I get into the types of lead magnets consumer business can use to increase signups, let’s talk about what a lead magnet is and why it is so important.

What’s A Lead Magnet

A lead magnet is anything you use as an incentive for potential buyers to give you their email so that you can market to them.

Why Is It Important

Lead magnets can help grow your business. It’s all about the emails, baby! When it comes to the success of your online or offline business, the better you communicate with your customer the more likely they are to buy from you. Email is still a very intimate thing. Email marketing offers direct access to your customer’s personal space. Email can also you help you re-engage lost business.

4 Lead Magnets Examples For B2C

1. Offer A Coupon At Signup
People love coupons. By offering them a coupon at signup they are likely to come back and make a purchase. Even if they never use their coupon code, you still have a direct line to them. I love the way Saturday by Kate Spade handles their coupon lead magnet. It’s a pop-up and shows up after 15 or so seconds on the site. They know how important email is and they aren’t going to let you keep browsing until you signup or click that off.

Kate Spade Lead Magnet

2. Offer An Ebook That Compliments What You Sell
Our ebooks are directly related to what our customers care about – social media, internet marketing & SEO. Your ebook should directly relate to the customer too. If you are a retail brand, you can think about giving away a fit guide or style guide that introduces your potential buyers to your colors and how they can wear them. Or perhaps if you sell running shoes, an interactive booklet that shows you what style and fit you need for speed vs length. Not only does it prove your knowledge in the industry, it also helps you build a relationship with your future customer. If you sell software or music, free downloads will work well.

3. Offer Exclusive Access
People love exclusivity. People will sign up for it if they get something that others don’t have access to. I love how Justin Timberlake has a fan club, of course to join you need to sign up. But with signup you are a part of a members-only club.

4. Offer A Free Sample
Think Costco here. Free samples entice you to make a purchase. You don’t have to be a food company to engage in this tactic either. You could give a sample of your class, a free class at the gym, or a sample size of anything really.

How do you encourage signups on your site?

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