3 Ways To Increase Your Video ViewsSo you want to increase your video views? We all do! And while there is no precise formula for making something go viral, there are a few ways to build momentum behind a video to help propel it into the depths of the Internet. However, there are a few things you need to know.

First of all, before something can even get a few views, it has to be high quality and it has to resonate with the people watching it. If you produce a low quality, irrelevant video, the odds of it reaching your core audience is slim to none. So you can kiss that viral dream goodbye.

Another thing to note is that viral doesn’t necessarily mean 5 billion views and you become the next PSY. Viral is actually a term used to define something that spreads fast and infiltrates the right audience. At least in my book. With that said something viral in your industry could actually mean a few thousand views that is being shared among the RIGHT people.

Lastly, you have to think about the psychology of sharing. Whatever content you are creating, it needs to strike a chord with people. If you touch on an emotional one, good for you, because that’s a huge driver in sharing. Here is a great article in the New Yorker about why things go viral, that is worth the read.

So now that you have the basis down. Let’s talk about how you can do your part to spread your video.

3 Ways To Increase Your Video Views

1. Social Sharing
If you want to give anything a push, social is the first place to go. And for videos, social works wonders. According to a recent study, 8 in 10 people find videos through social means. This goes bad to the whole sharing aspect of things. When someone connects with a video they are going to share it, when someone connects to that, they too will share it and the chain continues.

I recommend sharing on every network that makes sense. Start with Facebook. But remember, on Facebook native videos work best. That means upload them directly to Facebook as opposed to sharing a link from say Vine or Youtube. The reason is simple. Facebook native videos have a longer shelf-life in the photo gallery and you can tag people in them which makes them show up on other people’s news feeds and profiles.

You can create a teaser on Vine pointing to the original video. This is a good way to cross promote your video and as Vine has a social element makes the sharing double the fun. 🙂 Here is an example from Nash Grier, a Vine celebrity of how this could work. First he posted a teaser (from his sister’s account) in Vine and directed people to his YouTube channel. Of course the video is so cute which makes you want to watch the whole thing.

Pinterest is another great place to share videos, especially if your audience is female centric. Here’s how to pin a video.

You get the point. Share and encourage reshares, this is a great way to get the ball moving.

2. Blog About Your Video
If you know me, you know I am OBSESSED with blogging. So, naturally I would tell you to promote your videos here. Besides giving your video a new home amongst text, it also gives you an additional piece of content to share. Yes please!

3. Seed Your Videos To The Right People
Sharing your own content is great and if it gets into the right hands you are golden. This is the goal of a brand ambassador program. By seeding the content to the right people at the right time, you have a better chance of your video being seen by more people. If you don’t have brand ambassadors yet, you can also send this to your email list as a good way to kickstart the movement.

How do you increase your video views?

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