3 Smart Marketing Strategies You'd Be Stupid To MissAll insults aside, I wanted to write a post to motivate and inspire you to take bigger risks and dive into some of the hottest marketing trends. Now is the time to become an early adopter! If you’re still sitting “on the fence” about high-tech marketing strategies, you risk missing out on some truly golden opportunities. I’ve included 3 hot marketing trends in this post that you should definitely start implementing right away.

Remember: early adopters often reap the greatest rewards. Here are the 3 smart marketing strategies you’d be stupid to miss…

Smart Strategy #1 = Behavioral Response Marketing

It still surprises me how many small businesses are not using behavioral response marketing systems. The technology is cheaper than ever and more accessible than ever. Plus, like the other strategies mentioned in this post, getting in early puts you way ahead of the curve.

Essentially, “behavioral response” just means that your marketing will adapt and react to your prospect’s behavior in real-time. That means you can create multiple sales funnels and marketing sequences that will ramp up (or ramp down) as your prospect takes action (or fails to take action).

It’s no secret that I love Infusionsoft. I currently use it in 2 of my businesses, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. But I encourage you to shop around and do some comparison shopping before deciding if Infusionsoft is right for you or not.

Smart Strategy #2 = SMS Marketing

This next one is probably the hardest one on my list to “sell.” SMS Marketing (or text message marketing) is still in its infancy but growing fast. As I write this post, I can honestly say that the initial “I don’t want to bug people on their phone” effect is wearing off.

The reason SMS Marketing is so key should be obvious to you — just look around! The average person keeps his or her mobile device within arm’s length basically 24/7. These devices now represent the center of our lives. Where the personal desktop computer and laptop used to serve as our personal hubs to the rest of the world, the smartphone has quickly taken center stage.

Some businesses may not be great candidates for Text Marketing but don’t just assume that means you. You would be surprised how many different SMS marketing ideas you might have overlooked!

Smart Strategy #3 = Direct Mail

Surprised to see this on my list? You shouldn’t be. Just take a look inside your mailbox at home — it’s practically a wasteland when compared with your email inbox!

Direct mail is making a comeback in a big way for this exact reason. There’s definitely more cost involved but this is where the “pros” get separated from the “amateurs in the marketing world.

If you can leverage smart email marketing and CRM tracking with a tool like Infusionosft, you should be able to identify your most profitable prospects and customers and spend targeted marketing dollars on those most valuable contacts in your list.

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