CanvaVisualsI am not a designer. In fact my eye is pretty weak when it comes to design. However, in the social world that we are living and working in, I know that visuals rock the social web. With that said, the ability to create visuals that are highly shareable is a key foundation to your social media success.? While some companies have the luxury of hiring a graphic designer, many small businesses can’t afford that. However, there are some options out there. The sites below will help you create great visuals that can be shared across the social web for little money and sometimes even for free.

But first let’s talk about the impact of visuals on your social media efforts.

1. Images are the single most shared piece of content on social media.
2. The brain processes visuals faster than text.
3. Visuals can showcase your product in ways text can’t.
4. As the majority of users access social media sites via mobile phones, mobile images give you that friend-to-friend sharing experience.

3 Social Media Visual Creation Sites

1. Canva
Canva is a really awesome tool that was introduced to me by my friend Barbara at There are tons of features to go through, but my favorite part is the plug and play templates that are ready for you. You can just edit the text and be on your way.? They even have all the different sizes you will need for different social media networks. Need a cover photo for Facebook. Canva has it ready for you. Need a Pinterest image, yup, Canva has that all sized up for you too. Of course that’s not even scratching the surface of how awesome this tool is. Definitely check this one out.
3 Sites That Help You Make Better Visuals


2. PicMonkey
PicMonkey is similar to Canva in many ways. While it doesn’t have as many templates to choose from, there are some cool features like stickers and filters that change the feel of your images. It has been around a bit longer too.

3 Social Media Sites That Help You Make Better Images


3. Overgram
Overgram is really a mobile app, but it allows you to write on images that you have stored on your phone. This is a really good tool for Instagram and other mobile sites. When you are on the go, this app is a perfect fit.


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