BloggingEvery few days there seems to be a new critic saying that blogging is dead. Many of these critics say that social media networks have taken over diminishing the popularity of the blog. Yes, there’s no denying the fact that social media is wildly popular and offers a quick and easy way to share ideas and exchange thoughts with others. However, to say that blogging is dead is a complete farce. And these critics couldn’t be farther from the truth.

Blogging is a vital and necessary part of a marketing campaign.

Let’s take a look at the evidence.

1. Embedded Posts

Facebook recently launched its newest feature embeddable posts. This is nothing new or innovative at all. Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Youtube, Flickr, they all feature embeddable posts. Now, there’s only reason to have embeddable posts to share these bits of content, whether it be a picture on Instagram, a video from Youtube, or a board from Pinterest, on your blog or website. That’s the only reason for it. And when the largest social network out there Facebook jumps on the train, they do so with good reason. Blogging is alive and kicking, and if you can’t beat ’em, you should join ’em. Embeddable posts now serve as a cross promotional tool to showcase social network content on blogs. Done and Done.

2. Bloggers As Influencers

According to Technorati Media, their 2013 Digital Influence Report  shows that blogs are incredibly influential in the purchasing department. In fact, they trail brand and retail sites as a referral to make a purchase.

3. Blogging Platforms Are Huge

According to WordPress, over 358 million people view more than 11.3 billion pages each month. Furthermore, users produce about 47.2 million new posts and 68.7 million new comments each month.

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