Screen Shot 2014-06-15 at 7.30.22 AMThe other day I posted the three things I learned about social media from my dad. I enjoyed writing it so much that today I dedicate this post to my mom. Like me, she is a very social person. Here are the 3 most important lessons I’ve learned from her that relate to social media.

1. Be Nice To Everyone

My mom always encouraged me to be nice to everyone. I think it is so important to be nice to everyone because you never know what their story is until you meet them. There is too much pressure and judging in this world. A little niceness goes a long way. This is also true with social media. As a business, you need to be nice to everyone! I mean it. A nice brand will go much further online than a rude one.

2. Don’t Burn Bridges

This goes along with being nice. Relationships will come and go online but when one ends it should end amicably. When clients decide to move on I will continue to be open with them and share with them. This way if they are ready to come back they still feel comfortable with me.

3. Make Genuine Relationships

Social media is all about relationships. While you should always be nice to people, you should also realize that some people you meet online are going to have a better connection with you than others. These are the relationships you should build as a business online. These are the relationships you should nurture. The more connected people feel with you, the more likely they are to listen and act on your messaging.

What have you learned from your mom?

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