25 Ways To Promote Your Blog PostsIt’s no longer enough to just write and publish blog posts. Today, you need to be very active promoting every blog single blog post and to do so many times over for each blog post’s lifetime. So I’ve put together a list of 25 ways to promote your blog posts below…

1. Email your blog posts to your list.

2. Setup Feedburner.

3. Install the WordPress SEO plugin.

4. Tweet your blog posts when they go live.

5. Tweet your old blog posts with new headlines.

6. Share your blog posts on Google Plus with unique text.

7. Share your blog posts in Google Plus communities.

8. Share your blog posts on LinkedIn.

9. Share your blog posts in LinkedIn groups.

10. Share your blog posts on Facebook.

11. Pin your blog posts on Pinterest.

12. Comment on other blogs.

13. Build relationships with other bloggers.

14. Join blogging groups.

15. Start guest blogging.

16. Install a Related Posts plugin.

17. Turn your blog posts into YouTube videos.

18. Turn your blog posts into podcast episodes.

19. Write longer bog posts.

20. Write shorter blog posts.

21. Add your blog to your email signature line.

22. Mention your blog on social media.

23. Blog more.

24. Run a contest.

25. Find guest bloggers.

What ideas would you add to this list? How do you promote your blog posts? Leave your comment below.

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