In today’s online ecosystem having a website is not enough. It’s just a start. If you aren’t sure what you need to be doing online to keep relevant, fresh, and active, start with a blog. Here’s why.

Always Be Blogging

25 Reasons You Need A Business Blog

1. Blogging Increases Traffic
This is one of the most important benefits of blogging. Each time you blog, you are creating a new entry point to your website based around keywords and topics that people are searching for. It increases traffic socially and organically through search. Companies that blog 20 times or more per month see 5 times the amount of traffic than those who blog less than 5 times per month.

2. Blogging Increases Leads
With increases traffic comes increased leads. Not only does blogging help you increase leads, it also helps you filter out what those leads are interested in based on the type of content they consumed and what blog post they opted-in on. It’s been said that small businesses that blog see 126% more leads than those who don’t.

3. Blogging Gives Your Shareable Content
Blogging is the backbone to all social media. It gives you something to share and most importantly it gives others something to share. What’s better is that all this sharing leads back to one place – your website. You know what that means, don’t you? Increased traffic.

4. Blogging Increases Trust
The written and published word has clout. Beyond that it has staying power. By blogging on a regular basis, people will trust you because your content is good and shared.

5. Blogging Influences Purchases
67% of people have made a purchase based on a blog post. You have the ability to influence the purchases of your own customers and visitors by blogging about products.

6. Blogging Gives Your Business A Voice
Without a blog, your online business is a bit boring. By using a blog to communicate with your customers and potential buyers you can personify your brand which makes building loyalty and relationships a lot easier.

7. Blogging Connects Your Audience To You
Through blogging you are able to open up the communication between business or brand and customer. The more you speak to one another, the more you’re audience will connect with you as a business.

8. Blogging Allows You To Share Your Expertise
Every time you blog you are showcasing how brilliant you are. 🙂 No seriously. Blogging helps you showcase your expertise in your industry and makes people aware of the fact that you know what you are talking about.

9. Blogging Allows You To Gain Professional Recognition
When you blog often, people will start to take notice. You will get the recognition you deserve if you keep it up. Plus, people will begin to link to your blog introducing you to their network.

10. Blogging Increases Your Search Engine Rankings
There is a relationship between the amount of blog posts you publish and the amount of organic search traffic you see. Sharing plays a huge role in this. So make sure you share your own posts and encourage others to share them as well.

11. Blogging Makes You Credible
People will search for you online before they decide to do business with you. When you blog often you will have more sites pointing to you and about you. Your blog will also show up very high in the results. All these things will increase your online credibility.

12. Blogging Aids Your Sales Team
Ever been in the process of selling and you need that one thing to really hook them? Well a blog post can be that one thing. If you create your blogging strategy to help close deals you will see an increase in sales.

13. Blogging Allows You To Connect With Your Customers
Beyond the value blogging gives your customers, it allows you to get to know your customers and connect with them through the written word. You can even give shout outs to your customers if you want.

14. Blogging Creates Conversations
Blogging gives you an open forum for the free flow of ideas. Make sure you have your comments open so people can give you feedback and ask questions.

15. Blogging Keeps You Connected With Trends In Your Industry
By having an active blog it becomes part of your job to stay engaged with your industry. It also makes it easier to stay connected because oftentimes you’ll have something to say about it and a forum to do so.

16. Blogging Gives You Customer Insight
Ever wonder what really resonates with your customers? By looking at blogging analytics you are able to get a deeper look into the minds and likes of them. You’ll be able to see which content works best and by knowing this you can create a stronger strategy.

17. Blogging Helps You Evaluate Your Core Business
If some of the topics you blog about are just not getting you anywhere it is a good time to reevaluate your core business. Your blog gives you that insight.

18. Blogging Helps You Build Community
Your readers become your community. They will want to hear from you and you should want to hear from them too. The more you blog, the more you’ll connect with them.

19. Blogging Helps You Increase Awareness
An active blog allows you to talk about new products and launches as well as other exciting news happening within your company. Something that you were only able to tell someone via the phone is now given a new audience and increased reach.

20. Blogging Grows Your Online Network & Presence
The more you blog the more you’ll be known online. I promise! Blogging helps grow your network because people are always looking for great content to share and engage with. Give this to them.

21. Blogging Helps Brand Your Employees
Your employees have great things to say. Allow them to blog for you. In turn you’ll give them more power to do their job, plus brand your business.

22. Blogging Keeps You Relevant
Not getting traffic? Being forgotten? A blog can solve that. By blogging regular you are constantly getting your business out there which keeps you relevant.

23. Blogging Helps You Focus On Your Business Goals

Need to reengage with your own business and goals? A blog can help you do that by helping you get super targeted on what you want to blog about. Usually this will be the same kinds of things that you sell.

24. Blogging Answers Your Customers Questions
This is important. People have questions and are searching for them online. By answering them in a blog format you are increasing the life of that answer and increase the odds that you’ll acquire a new customer who may have that same question.

25. Blogging Is Fun
I love blogging and I hope you do too.

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