Why Your 2015 Business Goals Should Be To Blog Daily And Be SocialLast year Jason and I proposed to blog daily for 2014. We made it our goal. We didn’t quite hit 365 blogs posts, but we did post over 200 which I’m very proud about. But beyond being proud the results we’re getting because of it is what really counts. Our business has grown (thank you for being a part of it) and we’ve seen our traffic soar in the past year. A huge part of this growth is due to the fact that we’ve been blogging very regularly and been social every day. In 2015 we’ll do the same and try to blog even more.

Why Your 2015 Goals Should Be To Blog Daily & Be Social

Don’t believe me, take a look here. We tripled our blogging output and we’ve tripled our traffic.

How Blogging Increases Website Traffic

We’ve said this a few (okay, we’ve drilled it into your heads) that blogging is crucial to your online success for the following ten reasons.

  • Blogging helps you increase your traffic
  • Blogging gives you something to share
  • Blogging gives others something to share
  • Blogging gives other bloggers something to link back to
  • Blogging helps your search engine results
  • Blogging helps increase leads
  • Blogging helps aid your sales team
  • Blogging gives you authority
  • Blogging brands you as a thought leader
  • Blogging adds value

Need more reasons? Here are 65 more facts and figures that prove blogging is crucial.

Blogging is a win! If you aren’t blogging yet, this is the year to start. If you don’t know where to start, we can do it for you. Click here to learn more.

Social Media Drives Traffic

All right, know we know that blogging is very important, let’s talk about blogging’s sister, social media. (If you want, you can call it blogging’s brother. But as I’m a girl and I’m a social media person, I wanted to call it sister)

Social media helps your blog get found and helps you drive even more traffic than the blog could do on it’s own. Of course for it to truly work you need to have a blog. Without a blog you will be sharing other people’s content, which of course is good, but you won’t be driving the traffic to your site, you’ll be driving it to someone else’s.

Social media also helps you build relationships. The stronger those online relationships are, the more likely that person will click on the links you share and even share your blog posts themselves. See how that works. 🙂

When I looked at the traffic from our site over the year, I’ve noticed that our top traffic is first from Google (thank you Jason and his amazing SEO strategy), SocialMediaToday where I’m a regular contributor (keyword blogger) and then from social media sites. The social media traffic is a combination of what we share personally and through the ConvertWithContent social sites and what our readers share.

Proof That Blogging & Social Media Increases Traffic

When looking at the social traffic, LinkedIn takes the top place with close to 10,000 visitors coming from LinkedIn. For our audience, business to business, this makes complete sense to me. On LinkedIn we share our blog posts to my profile and to the groups I’m a member of, plus I invite each and every person I connect with to check out my ebook which brings even more traffic. Plus, if you create good content others will share it and thus drive traffic back too.

LinkedIn Traffic From Blogging & Social Media

Next best social site for us was Twitter with 7,600 referrals.

Twitter Traffic From Social Media And Blogging

When I compare this traffic to our lead source reports it matches up completely. Twitter & LinkedIn bring us the most leads as well. Remember when I said increased traffic brings increased leads? Yes! It’s really true. 🙂

Being social is crucial to your online success, if you aren’t being social yet, now is the time. Start with the blog and then move your way into daily posts. The more blog posts you have, the easier it is to be social. You will always have something to fall back on to share if you need to.

If you want us to handle your social media, we can do that too. Reach out to us and I or Jennifer will be happy to talk to you about taking you to the next level.

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What will you do in 2015 to help you grow? We’re here to help!

2015 Business Goals

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