17 Reasons You Need InfusionSoftThis is a post about email marketing. More importantly, it’s a post about why email marketing will make or break your business in the next 3 years. I thought about a different title. Maybe something like, “17 Reasons You Need Smarter Email Marketing.” But the reality is, I’ve yet to find a tool that does everything InfusionSoft does consistently, reliably, elegantly, and effectively. So this is really a post about all of the reasons you need InfusionSoft to pull off the kind of email marketing your really need for your business to grow.

Of course, InfusionSoft does a lot more than just email marketing (see reason #13), but everything it does is geared towards improving your email marketing (and all of your other marketing).

In case you’re wondering, we definitely use InfusionSoft here at Convert With Content. Also, just for the record, I don’t work for InfusionSoft, but I am a certified “Infusionsoft Sales & Marketing Expert” and a referral partner.

If you’re not yet an InfusionSoft customer, this post will give you an idea of what’s possible. If you are already an InfusionSoft customer, this post will motivate you to continue exploring and pushing the boundaries of how you’re currently using the software.

1. Your current email marketing provider is one-dimensional.
Are you still stuck in the stone age with Aweber, Constant Contact, or the like? It’s time to saddle up and get ready for the big leagues. There’s still a lot you can pull off with these simpler tools, but they’re just not as robust enough for you to scale your business.

2. Your customers are smarter.
Look, you need better data for one simple reason – your customers expect better marketing. They expect more personalized marketing. And if that’s not what you’re delivering, you can count on losing their interest very fast.

3. You need a tool that can multiply your efforts.
As a small business, you have to wear a lot of hats. InfusionSoft operates the same way – it wears a lot of hats and is capable of performing a lot of complex tasks so you don’t have to. Time is money.

4. You need to accurately track your lead sources.
Lead Source tracking is one of my all-time favorite InfusionSoft features. At the end of every quarter and every year, you should be able to look back and quickly calculate the new leads, new customers, and
new revenue that came from specific Lead Sources. Maybe Twitter is bringing you loads of new prospects who actually spend a lot of money? This is vital information.

5. You absolutely must know your Lifetime Customer Value.
Also during your annual analysis periods, you should be determining what a customer is worth to you. InfusionSoft makes this process a snap.

6. You need email marketing campaigns (not autoresponders).
Again, those old school email marketing tools are mostly based around simple auto responders that send out scheduled emails at planned intervals. But those emails get delivered to EVERYBODY on your list. This is not targeted marketing. It’s old school, and it’s quickly fading away.

7. You need marketing that targets behaviors.
If a customer logs into your website, that’s something you should ACT on. If your customer hasn’t logged into your website, that’s also something you should ACT on. Same thing for email opens, email clicks, and purchasing behavior. The future is in behavioral-based marketing. And the future is already here.

8. You need a trusted email provider.
Most people don’t think about this one, but it’s very important. InfusionSoft invests a lot of manpower and resources into ensuring that they can send your emails and be trusted by ISPs and email providers. For this reason, InfusionSoft has a very low tolerance for spamming practices by its customers. This is good news for those of us using the software since it keeps our email deliverability rate healthy.

9. You need a company that actually cares about small business.
If you ever get a chance, I highly recommend taking a trip to InfusionSoft’s office megaplex in Chandler, Arizona. The whole place is like a shrine to small business. They may not be small themselves now, but you can definitely see how important small business is to them.

10. You need easy integration with WordPress.
Chances are good you’re using WordPress to run either your entire website or at least your business blog. InfusionSoft plugs right into WordPress and even has some nifty enhancement features you can potentially program/add in to boot!

11. You need an easy way to capture lots of data about each customer.
This is key. Your customers are your greatest asset. You need a tool that can quickly and easily capture data about every single customer you have, so you can then use that data intelligently to grow your business.

12. You need an email marketing provider invested in the future.
InfusionSoft is backed by some very large investment capital firms. They are definitely here for the long-haul and will continue improving their software for years and decades to come.

13. You need an all-in-one solution.
Unless you can afford an entire tech team of programmers and developers, you really need a system that can do it all for you. From processing credit cards to generating CRM sales reports, this is your ace in the hole.

14. You need up selling, cross-selling, down-selling, and side-selling.
All of it is possible, and more.

15. You need tags.
InfusionSoft allows you to tag your contacts based on their specific behavior. This alone is reason enough to pick up the phone and call them right now. 🙂

16. You need an open API for growing and scaling down the road.
Yes, your business will need to grow. But even if you need custom add-ons, InfusionSoft’s API allows for this kind of flexibility.

17. You need a system you can count on every day.
Phone support, email support, live chat, and a teams of people all devoted to helping you grow your business.

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