I like it four timesWe’re constantly talking about engagement and the truth is, it’s important. Engagement refers to a degree of participation. On a social media level, it can be narrowed down into getting people to participate and interact with your content by commenting, Liking and sharing. It’s about being involved.

Getting others involved and interacting with your content is important because it widens exposure. When someone Likes, comments or shares your content, that piece of content and your business name is seen by that person’s friends. The more engaged and active you are as a business, the more engaged and active your fans and customers will be.

15 Tips To Increase Fan Page Engagement

#1 Use Photos
This is probably the number one thing you should take away from today’s blog post. Photos are huge on Facebook. They get more Likes, comments and click-throughs than other type of content.

#2 Use Video
There are a few ways to share video. One way is by sharing a link to the video, and the other is by uploading the video directly into Facebook. When you upload it directly into Facebook, you’ll see 40% higher engagement rates because it has a longer shelf-life and you have the ability to tag people in the video. If you can, choose this option.


#3 Ask Questions
People like to be heard, and asking questions is a great way to allow your fans and customers to express themselves.


#4 “Caption This”
Another fun and engaging way to get people involved is to ask them to caption a photo. Again, give your fans and customers a way to be heard and creative.


#5 Fill-In-The-Blank
Fill-in-the-blank is a great way to get people talking. Make it relatable to your business and make it fun. Again, people like to talk. Let them.


Who doesn’t like a good quote? They’re incredibly shareable, and if you make them visual more people will be likely to share. For ideas on how to create shareable content please go here.


#7 Respond & Like
This is often overlooked, but can make a huge difference in getting people to come back to your page and making them feel special.


#8 Promote Your Posts
Promotion rates vary on the amount of fans you have, but for as little as $5, you can spur the growth and reach of a post, often times increasing your engagement.

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#9 Use Emoticons
Emoticons are a great way to humanize your fan page. A little winky or happy face can mean the difference between a Like and a passover.


#10 Ask For What You Want
If you ask, you shall receive. Ask for a Like and a share on content that you feel is valuable. It’s also a good way to take a quick poll.


#11 Show Your Personality
Showing yourself is a great way to appear approachable and accessible. It also shows that you have real people working for the business.


#12 Give A Shout Out
This goes back to the “15 minutes of fame” idea. And not only does it give your fans incentive to post and share, it also shows that others love you. Social proofing is a good thing.


#13 Create Competition
Ask your fans to either Like or share content, in order to cast their vote. Because shares are a bit more valuable in the social game, make the more likely promotional tool the share option.


#14 Host A Contest
Contests are great ways to get people involved. Just remember, the lower the barrier to entry is, the more entrants you will receive. The more fun a contest is, the more engaging it will be.


#15 Use Humor
Everyone loves a good laugh. Humorous posts are more likely to be shared than serious ones.

How do you increase engagement on your fan page?

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