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Hi, I’m Stephanie and I’m addicted to LinkedIn. There I said it.

But it’s true. I absolutely love LinkedIn. It seems like each day they are updating their site and adding awesome features designed to help you increase business and increase engagement with other LinkedIn members. For those like me, always on the go, the mobile app is brilliant.

I’ve gone into depth about LinkedIn engagement strategies and I’ve offered some great tips on how to optimize your personal profile for maximum exposure. By the way, I’m overwhelmed with the amount of comments I’ve received for those two posts. Thank you! Nothing means more to a blogger than feedback.

How To Optimize Your LinkedIn Company Page For Maximum Lead Generation

Optimize LinkedIn Company Page1. Create Your Page

First things first, eh. If you haven’t created your business page, now is the time to do so. Seriously. As LinkedIn’s search function is remarkably strong, it’s important to be able to connect to a new audience and introduce them to your page.

To create your company page on LinkedIn go here:
Just a note, you’ll have to have an email associated with the company in order to do so. Once you’ve create your page, move on to the next step.

2. Tag Your Job Title To Your Company Page

Since you’ve taken my advice on optimizing your LinkedIn page, I’m sure you’re seeing a lot of new traffic to your page. By linking your company page in your Current Work section on LinkedIn, you can cross promote your company to you. You’ll also show up as an employee of the company on your company page. Win, Win!

3. Define Admin Roles

This is important. Who is going to be your admin? This should probably be the person who updates your social pages currently. Like Facebook and G+, you can have multiple admins. Define who these people will be and create a strategy. This is going to be a crucial part of your engagement success.

4. Add photos

LinkedIn’s company pages give you the option to upload 3 different images. One is a cover photo in the likes of Facebook & G+. Use something catchy here. It can include a call to action or an offer. Like Facebook, the more you change it, the more fresh your page will be.

Add your company logo in the next two slots. This is the photo that will appear next to your work section on LinkedIn and it will be shown on the newsfeed when you update your page.

5. Optimize Your Company Name & Description

Okay, now for the fun part. Keywords on LinkedIn are super important! These are the keywords that will help your company get found in a sea of other companies. What makes your business unique? What makes your business special? What is your business motto? What do you want to tell the world about your company. My advice here is to use as many keywords that relate to your business as possible. You should include short tail and long tail keywords, and even those that are indirectly related.

For a refresher on keywords in LinkedIn please see my article on LinkedIn Optimization.

6. Add Specialties

You can add specialties, or skills, to your LinkedIn business page like you can to your personal page. These specialties matter. Keywords in this section will rank highly in a LinkedIn search. You can use up to 256 characters in the specialty section. Use all of them. What do you specialize in? Is it blogging? Add that. Is it Real Estate? Add that. Whatever you think makes your business special is what should go here.

7. Add Your Groups

Do you have a group that you are active in or that relates to your business? This is your time to show it off. I always like to create a group for the specific company as well. So if you don’t have a group currently, make one and put it here. This will associate your business with that group. We like associations.

8. Add Products Or Services

Services and products are shown on your LinkedIn page in the righthand sidebar. This gives people a direct way to reach your business. LinkedIn guides you through this process. You will be given the option to add a description, a link, a Youtube video, and a direct contact. This is huge! It’s a way for you to gather leads directly from within your LinkedIn company page.

Lastly, you can offer a special promotion available to your LinkedIn fans for each product or service that you offer. I’d say that’s a pretty great thing.

9. Ask For Recommendations

Once you have your services and products up, you will want to ask for recommendations for it. This is like a testimonial and it’ll show the LinkedIn world that your products and services rock. Which, I hope they do. You can do this when you sell something, just like a restaurant or hotel would ask for a Yelp review. If you have an automatic delivery system for your services, you can add this to the delivery form. This is social proofing. You want as many recommendations as possible.

Another benefit here is that, when someone writes a recommendation it’ll show up on that person’s newsfeed. Newsfeed marketing is engagement marketing. You want to show up on as many news feeds as possible! This will give you more exposure to new fans that might not have known about you. LOVE that!

10. Update Your Services/Products Page

To update your products & services page, click on the service tab and then click edit. Here you will be able to brand your services page and add photos with banner click-through URLs (awesome). You can also control the way your products and services show up. You can rotate them or feature one on your brand homepage. You can also add a Youtube video to give your viewer more information.

11. Encourage Employees To Share Page

Once you have your company page up to par, you’re going to want to let people know about it. There is strength in numbers. Encourage all of your employees to update their LinkedIn profiles so that their current work section is associated with the new company page. The linking won’t happen automatically. You need to manually update your work section and tag it with the company page.

You should also encourage your employees to share the page and ask their network to become a fan. Remember what I said about news feeds. It’s a good thing!

12. Link From Your Website

As you always want to direct traffic to your social pages, you should make it present. Add a link from your website directing visitors to your company page. Once they follow your page, they’ll be able to better catch your updates. It’s just another way to get in front of your customer’s eyes and hopefully give them value.

13. Share Content On It

Duh. Did I really have to say that?

So there you have it. A 13-step system for making the most out of your LinkedIn company page. Tell me, what would you add to this list?

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