11 Ways To Make Your Business's Instagram Presence BetterInstagram is still one of those networks that’s just good clean fun. There aren’t too many ads yet which makes it still a prime network for engagement and exposure. The community aspect is spot-on. Plus, there’s something for everyone.

Instagram is one of my favorite networks and I recommend it to many of our clients and I myself an avid user. If you are interested, you can follow me here.

Maybe you too are an avid user, or maybe you are just getting your feet wet. Whatever the case may be, here are 11 ways to help make your Business’s Instagram presence better.

11 Ways To Make Your Business’s Instagram Presence Better

1. Use Emoticons
Look around at Instagram and see how people are using it. You might notice that almost everyone uses emoticons. They insert personality into your posts and allow you to talk with pictures, which is what Instagram is all about anyway. Use them when it makes sense. If you have a wine company, use the wine glass. If you are celebrating a baby, use the baby emoticon. If you need some emoticon inspiration, I recommend you check this out.

2. Hashtag Emoticons
Since we are on the subject of emoticons and their role on Instagram, you can use them as a hashtag. Excited? You should be. You can jump in on this trend early. As you can see a lot of people are already doing it, but it’s still fresh and new. Plus, hashtags are the best way to connect with new people, search for content, and be found. It’s community building at it’s finest.

3. Share User Generated Content
People love to share content on Instagram. User-generated content is always a win because it allows you to source new content and it gives you a chance to give your fans a shout out. If you are a larger company, people are probably already sharing content from you or including your products. Search for it using the proper hashtags. If you have a local business you can find people sharing from within your business by using the geo-tag. Or if you want to spur up content, ask people to use a specific hashtag. You have to be consistent and make sure you use your hashtag over and over again until it catches on. But it does definitely work.

4. Host A Sweepstakes Or Contest
People love a good giveaway. I sure do. It’s always a good way to get more people engaged and sharing. It’s simple and very effective on Instagram. The best way to do it is to ask people to share using the hashtag of course.

5. Allow Your Customers or Influencers To Take Over Your Feed
I love this idea and if done correctly it can be a lot of fun. By giving the access to your feed, you are showing a new side of you and your business. This works really well for travel and events. Of course you want to make sure you trust the person you give access to, but it can open your feed up to new followers while giving you a unique perspective.

6. Use Video & Still Shots
A mixture of video and still shots is always a good idea. Use both options to show your story in different ways.

7. Use Content That Looks Native
Instagram is all about that real-time situation. Don’t post too many professional photos on Instagram. You want it to look native and look natural. If you are a clothing company, try using images of people in your clothes on a normal day. It is much more relatable than taking the screenshot of the product you are trying to sell.

8. Find & Connect With Your Local Following
If you are a local business this is so important. You need to find them and connect with them. The best way to do that is to search via geo-tags or hyper local hashtags. When you engage with them you have a better chance of bringing them into the store or shop. That’s always a plus!

9. Tag People In The Photos
Want to reach people directly? Tag them in your photos. You have a few ways to do that. You can either @mention them or you can tag them inside the image. If you @mention them, they will get a notification. If you tag them inside the image it will show up inside their profile and they will also get a notification. It also allows you to spread some Insta-love and show your appreciation to your fans.

10. Be On Trend
#TravelTuesday, check. #WineWednesday, check. Follow what’s happening and participate. If you notice quote cards are working very well among your fans, share those. If you notice black and white is taking over your feed, go with it. Stay up to date with what’s happening online and it will pay off.

11. Ask People To Tag Their Friends
This is so simple, yet so powerful. Ask people to tag their friends in the photos or mention them in the comments. This helps spread your photos across Instagram and allows you to connect with friends of fans, which we know will be similar to your fans. Here’s an example – are you a travel company, post a picture of your newest deal and ask your fans to tag a friend who would enjoy a vacation there. Now you’ve reached one more person. Score!

What other tips can you add?

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