In a recent article I talked about the how any company, sexy or not, can connect with and talk to their audience. This quote seemed to touch a lot of readers. It was shared more than anything I have ever said. Thank you for that! 🙂

“What makes a company follow-worthy on social media is their ability to talk to their audience as if they are one of them.”How to talk more authentically to your audience

What does this mean?

1. Share content that they want to see

2. Share experiences that they can relate to

3. Respond to them with expertise

4. Add value to their lives

5. Touch upon what they already know

6. Talk to them like you would your friend

7. Be there to answer their questions

8. Share their content that relates to them

9. Hang out where they hang out

10. Be nice!

How do you make your online relationships more authentic?

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