How To Get Better Results With Social MediaNot getting the results you want with social media?? Here are 10 things you can do to make sure you are putting your best foot forward.

10 Ways To Get More Results With Social Media Marketing

1.? Blog & Blog Often
Get a blog, that’s the first thing I want you to do.? Blogging was actually the first form of social media. And it remains a great way to increase traffic, leads and sales.? Plus, it gives you something to share socially.? Sharing is the backbone of social media.? Need help with your blog?? Talk to us, we’re the pros.

2.? Be Consistent
If you aren’t consistent on your social channels, it is a bit like working out 1 time per month.? It’s good for you, but you aren’t going to see massive results. If you want results you need to do something every single day.

3.? Connect With Your Audience At The Right Time
To get the best results you have to connect with your audience at the time they are online.? You can look at your click-through data as well Facebook analytics to get a good idea of when your audience is online.

4.? Share Within Context
You don’t want to show up to Facebook with a Pinterest mentality, just as you wouldn’t show up to school in a bathing suit.? Context is really important. You need to think about the type of content that works well on each network and share accordingly.

5. Leverage Brand Ambassadors & Biggest Fans
By empowering your best customers to spread the word for you, you can gain trust in a new audience and hopefully turn them into new customers. It’s all about strength in numbers.

6. Use Multimedia
Multimedia increases engagement and allows you to use different networks in a different way.? Think about incorporating videos, images, text, charts and inforgraphics into your social media content strategy.

7. Spend Time Where Your Audience Does
In order to be successful you need to be where your audience is. To do this you must know your audience and you need to know the audience of the different networks.

8.? Incorporate Niche Sites Into The Mix
As it is increasingly harder to get found organically, niche sites are going to prove to be more valuable than ever to get in front of your customers.

9.? Use Google Plus Wisely
If you don’t know yet, we love GooglePlus.? Google Plus has active communities, it helps your SEO and Google Plus promoted posts are coming.? You need to be on Google Plus.? Done and done.

10. Measure Effectively
If you don?t measure your efforts, you will never know if what you are doing is working. We use CLEAT method.? Conversions, Leads, Engagement, Affect & Traffic.

There you have it. 10 real ways to help your small business grow online today.

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Stephanie Clegg

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