10 Essential Small Business Web Marketing ToolsWe use loads of different tools and marketing apps to promote our own business and to help our clients. The truth is, only a handful of tools really matter and really make a noticeable difference to the bottom-line. Honestly, this post started out as just a list of 3 or maybe 5 tools, but I suddenly realized there are far more tools that I truly cannot live without. Here they are in all their Web Marketing glory…

1. Infusionsoft.com

Hands down, without a doubt this is the single most important tool in our business. Sure it’s got an extremely high learning curve, but it definitely pays off to get even to an “intermediate level” with Infusionsoft.

2. WordPress.org

Ok, maybe this isn’t a “web marketing tool” per se, but how on earth would we ever build a strong online presence without a strong foundation? WordPress is key for exactly that.

3. OptimizePress.com

Speaking of WordPress, OptimizePress is one of the many plugins I use religiously. Want snazzy looking Landing Pages and Membership Pages? Presto! OptimizePress makes it all super easy.

4. iMember360.com

And speaking of membership websites, there’s simply nothing better than iMember360. It plugs directly into Infusionsoft to build a complete CRM-driven membership site.

5. SeoKeywordRanking.com

SEO can have a major impact on your business. And if you expect to get good SEO results, you need to measure, track, measure, and track. I love SeoKeywordRanking.com because the interface is simple and easy. No fluff.

6. StatCounter.com (& Google Analytics)

Yes, yes — of course I use and love Google Analytics. But sometimes I tire of the excessively “Google-ness” of their interface. When I want quick stats right away, I use StatCounter.com

7. BufferApp.com

Thank god for Buffer. Now I can schedule my own Social Media sharing while my assistant works in the same interface. Plus, Buffer provides some interesting bells & whistles I haven’t seen elsewhere.

8. HootSuite.com

I don’t personally use HootSuite but we use it to manage client accounts, and it does the job perfectly.

9. Zopim.com

If you don’t already have Live Chat on your website, you should! We recently moved to Zopim.com and I really dig their simple easy-to-use interface.

10. EzTexting.com

Last but certainly not least is EzTexting.com for SMS Text Message marketing fun. We use a custom plugin that allows us to purchase texting credits directly from EzTexting.com and it works great all the time.

What about you? What would you add to the list? Leave your comment below.

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