textongraphicIn this blog and around the Social Media crowd, you will come across the term “shareable content” often. What makes shareable content so important to your social media marketing strategy is that it is a driving force for engagement. The better your content is, the more engaged your audience will become. The more engaged your audience is, the more likely you are to see an increase in fans and hopefully from there, an increase in sales.

Content in the form of pictures is a big hit on Facebook. In fact, a Facebook update that contains a photo will receive 4x the amount of engaged users than a plain text post. It will also receive 4x the amount of shares. The bottom line is that photos are a powerful tool to increase engagement on social networks.

Sites That Allow You To Create Fun & Shareable Images

Your social media content strategy should include photos and lots of them. One of my favorite tricks for taking a photo from good to better is to add text to it. Whether you are adding a quote to a landscape or writing a title on a graphic, text can add a lot to your image. It helps get your point across quicker and can be a fun way to mix your content up. Ideally, a graphic designer should be involved in this part of your content creation, however, there might not always be time or budget for that. Here are some DIY solutions to create fun images that you can use for in social content calendar.

Pinwords is my favorite of the batch. It is simple to use and it gives a real homemade effect. I use it for images on this site often. Another nice feature this site offers is the ability to add you new design to pinterest. In fact, it was made for Pinterest.

Fotor.com is nice if you want to add some artistic effects like color splashes, blur out someone’s face, add clip art and apply filters. It has a lot of different features to play with and it very simple to use.

Picmonkey also has a lot of features to help you edit your photos online. While the other sites are free, Picmonkey makes you pay for their premium features. Another aspect that makes Picmonkey special is that the standard features and images change regularly allowing for a lot of variety.

PicFont is a little bit immature in its look and feel. It seems like it was made for a younger crowd. However, one feature I like is that you can add text to shapes like bubbles or stop signs. You can get creative here. The text feature is limited however.

Someecards is also a great option to create funny content. The images are very recognizable which gives it an extra leg up. When using someecards, make sure you try to be clever or funny. It will go a bit further.

MemeMaker is a great way to jump on a viral internet trend. The site has a good amount of images to chose from and from there you can add your text. I personally like to look at Memes, so for me, this is a good choice.

GlitterPhoto is a good site to add backgrounds to your photos. Of course the theme here is glitter, but don’t let that turn you off. There are some good effects and tools for your images on this site.

pixlr is a comprehensive suite that has a lot of photoshop attributes. For me it is a bit complex and hard to use.

piZap is a photo editor and collage maker. It has a lot of options to chose from and I particularly like the idea of making a collage. It also helps you create Facebook cover images, which is a great tool.

Sign Generators
Mashable has a fun list of image generators. Whether you want to make a street sign or a warning sign, this is a great list.

There are a tons of apps that allow you to do this on your phone as well. I recommend Overgram.

What do you use when you want to edit photos online?
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