10 Better Ways To Get More Pinterest TrafficLately I’ve been on a bit of a Pinterest binge. Literally every night I spend some time pinning recipes that I may or may not ever try. I’m a recipe searcher fanatic. I’m making a special New Year’s Eve dinner and Pinterest has been my go-to for recipes and ideas on what to cook to ring in 2015.

Because I use it as a regular consumer I have a pretty good idea of how other “regular” people use the site. So as a normal user and a social media professional, I have the upper hand in showing you some great ways for you get more traffic to your site from Pinterest.

These are tricks and tips I’ve come across through using it professionally as a business and also from using it as a person trying to find the best content. Here are the ways to get more Pinterest traffic.

10 Better Ways To Get More Traffic From Pinterest

1. Blog regularly
We think the very best way to increase your traffic from any site is to have an active blog. It gives you something to share regularly and without it you are constantly sharing your homepage which can get a bit boring. The more blog posts you have on your site, the more things others have to pin as well. The more pins from your content you have on Pinterest increases the chances of getting found and getting traffic back to your site.

2. Pin all images from the post
On Pinterest, the image is everything. But not every image is going to appeal to every person. By including more images from your blog post or from your site, you have more things to pin and more choices of pins. When you pin content from your blog or post, pin all the images. This is going to increase your chances of reaching more people.

3. Pin same post into different boards
Different people follow different boards on Pinterest. If your pins relate to more than one board you should be pinning it to all of those boards. Not only does this increase your chances of being found and repinned, it also increases the chances of people clicking through.

4. Use optimized images
This is one of the best tips I can tell you. Your images need to be optimized for Pinterest when you upload them on your blog. Optimized images are those whose content is fit for Pinterest. When someone pins it, the description will automatically show up and will have the keywords that Pinterest is searching for ready. It’s very important for a few reasons.

The first reason is that it makes the pinners life a lot easier when they pin from your site. Most pinners don’t want to do much work. They want to pin and go. If the description is already ready from the get-go you can be sure that your keywords will also show up. The next reason is due to the fact that 80% of people on Pinterest repin and don’t share original content. If you have your keywords in the description from the get-go, when people repin it, the keywords stay in place.

5. Analyze your pins & reach

Followers on Pinterest isn’t as important as reach. By analyzing your best pins you can gather more insight on the types of pins you should be sharing. Plus it can give you a better idea what kind of content to create more of on your site. Analytics are crucial for social media success.

6. Repin your old pins
Just like on Facebook, reach declines after a certain amount of time. To boost old content, you should be resharing it. New people are on Pinterest all the time and they might not have seen your pins the last time you shared it. It’s good to cover your bases.

7. Use exclusive images
This is a tip that I really like. You can create exclusive images for Pinterest and link them back to your site. Because no one else will have access to these images, the only way for others to share it is to repin. Just make sure you edit the image manually and link it back to your website.

8. Repin pinned content from your site
This is not only a great way to increase traffic, it is also a great way to make yourself known to people who share your content. To find out who is pinning your content the first place to look is on your google analytics. It shows you exact pins that are driving traffic. It’s very helpful and something that I wish Facebook would embrace. The next place you can look is through the search feature on Pinterest. http://pinterest.com/source/ ADD YOUR SITE HERE to see all the pins from your site. Repin the popular ones and comment on those who you want to add the extra touch for.

9. Use longer descriptions
Longer descriptions work better than shorter descriptions. You want to give the pinner the feeling that they are involved in the pin itself. Think of a description that can be used as a headline or a way to bring people into your world. Here are some more tips on this subject from the Pinterest blog.

10. Rely on others to do the pinning
Influencers should be your best friend. A lot of times we’ll find that most of our social traffic is actually coming from those sharing for you and not necessarily yourself. You need to embrace this and make it is easy for people to pin your stuff. You should also keep a list of people who are active with your content and make friends with them. Offer them incentives and rewards and you’ll see their activity increase.

What tips do you have for Pinterest?

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